We are Diana and Dorin, best friends, wife and husband, restless travelers and small village citizens from Romania.


We dream about our world getting closer to nature, about our clothes getting natural again, and food being organic.

Of course, for now it’s just a dream, but we already started playing with materials and creating organic toys and accessories.


Wood, wool, organic cotton, plant based paint, clay and embroidery soft details. Those are the materials that we use everyday.

We’re trying to make a simple life with honest materials on it.


We’ve met a long time ago but our story started in 2014 with a trip to Morocco. Since then we’ve got married, we’ve built a house and we traveled the world together. Now we’re living in a village close to the forest, where we grow our veggies, have bike rides on the afernoon, read on the porch and listen to the rain.


We find inspiration in everything but mostly in the communities and cultures that we get to see in our trips.

Our collections have various inspiration like Moroccan beaches, Romanian old clothes, or even japanese ceramics.